The ‘Death’ of ‘Classical Music’

There’s a lot to say about the supposed ‘Death’ of ‘Classical Music’ (scare-quotes and scare-capitalisation added for additional scarification). Most of it’s been said by other people, but largely in response to other other-people who have said other things, about which they’re mostly wrong. I’m sure at some stage I’ll not be able to resist a lengthy rant about this, but now is (thankfully) not that time.

But I did really enjoy Proper Discord’s list of 30 things that won’t save classical music. I also very much enjoyed the ensuing celebrity-deathmatch-style pundit smackdown. Perhaps Highlander-style bloodsports will save classical music?

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  1. chiltsy63

     /  June 14, 2010

    It’s not dead or dying. Just changing.


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