MRC continues to f*ck it up

More depressing coverage about the Melbourne Recital Centre debacle in The Age. Interesting article in that it touches on the points that most industry insiders would unhesitatingly point to as root causes of the Centre’s problematic first six months:

1. Almost total lack of publicity for upcoming concerts; and
2. Stupidly labyrinthine communication and reporting systems meaning it’s impossible to speak to the ‘right’ person about anything.

Props to both Julian Smiles (Goldner String Quartet) and Eugene Ughetti (Speak Percussion) for being prepared to go on the record. In a sector where good politics and goodwill count for so much in terms of future opportunities, it’s a sad but understandable fact that most aren’t be prepared to ‘risk’ their relationship with the MRC by having their name attached to their statements (see older news stories that have a number of anonymous sources). The goodwill requirement works both ways, though, and the MRC needs to be held accountable for its end of the bargain.

The rumour mill is also suggesting that there is more to artistic administrator David Barmby’s ‘being on leave’ than meets the eye. I sincerely hope that there isn’t.

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