Concerts this weekend

Unfortunately I’ll be unlikely to be able to make either of these concerts, due to being chained to my drawing board problematising musical materials for ELISION, but:

This weekend features two extraordinary concerts at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

The first is titled Stylus Phantasticus, presented by the phenomenal Latitude 37. Consisting of Australian violinist Julia Fredersdorff and gambist Laura Vaughan, along with Kiwi harpsichordist Donald Nicholson, this group has been around the traps for a little over year, now, and is absolutely one of the best things going in terms of this repertoire in this hemisphere. The program on Friday night consist of German Baroque works, featuring the works of Dietrich Buxtehude set against the works of his approximate contemporaries, such as Biber, Erlebach, Richmann and Decker.

Full details available at the MRC website.

The second program of interest is, fortunately, being present twice. First on Saturday night, and second on Sunday afternoon. The program is another being presented by the formiddable Speak Percussion, this time presenting a concert solely consisting of the works of composer Anthony Pateras. Pateras is by far one of the most interesting compositional voices on Melbourne’s musical landscape, and the opportunity to hear his notated works arises all-too-infrequently.

Full details available at the MRC website.

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